For residents and housing companies

A pipe renovation completed by professionals increases both residential comfort and the value of a property. To many people "pipe renovation" is nevertheless somewhat of a dirty word.

Our task is to make your pipe renovation as effortless, stress-free and reliable as we can for you. We do that by offering a service that no-one else can.

In addition to thorough planning, punctual schedules and fast work, we also ensure that you are kept up-to-date on the renovation's progress so that you're able to make preparations in good time. We personally provide advice and answers to your questions both before and during the renovation.

We are also able to transport and store your goods in a safe storage facility and to provide temporary rental accommodation for the duration of the renovation.


A home holds great sentimental value and importance to its owner. Since we carry out our work in other people's homes, we must always listen to residents and respect their wishes.

ANNA | Painter – KUMONI

References For residents and housing companies

  • As Oy Kuopionlahti
    As Oy Kuopionlahti

    A large, seven-storey housing company in a prime location with great views over lake Kallavesi. W...

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  • As Oy Kuopion Kotipesä
    As Oy Kuopion Kotipesä

    New lift shafts were constructed on the exterior of the three-storey building. 

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  • As Oy Raja-Haka
    As Oy Raja-Haka

    This site was implemented at the same time as the adjacent housing company (As Oy Kallahaka). Alt...

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  • As Oy Vuorelanpossu
    As Oy Vuorelanpossu

    The original plan for this site was to cast the drains and replace only the utility water pipelin...

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