Kumoni Loves Jyväskylä

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We   pipe renovations

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We build happy residents

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We take care, so you don't have to

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  • For residents

    pipe renovations

  • For property managers

    We build

  • For constructors

    We take care,
    so you don't
    have to

Together we can

Our task is to make your pipe renovation as effortless, stress-free and reliable as we can for you. We do that by offering a service that no-one else can.

  • KUMONI loves Jyväskylä

    Kumoni Sisä-Suomi is a subsidiary established in Jyväskylä in 2016. Our operations...

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  • KUMONI donates €5,000 to Kuopion Sotaveteraanit Ry

    In honour of Independence Day on 6.12.2016 and independent Finland, we decided to donate this yea...

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  • Pasi Pitkänen continues as chairperson at the Talonrakennusteollisuus Ry Eastern Finland

    KUMONI Oy's managing director Pasi Pitkänen was chosen to continue as chairperson for th...

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  • Ari Karhapää - KUMONI Oy's new supervisor in Kuopio

    Ari Karhapää has been appointed as KUMONI Oy's new supervisor in Kuopio. Ari has so...

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