We are Kumoni

Kumoni is a family-owned company established in 2002 under the name Kuopion Monirakennus. We started from scratch as an underdog offering more agile solutions to pipe renovations.

2016 was a year of positive change for our company, as we changed our trade name from Kuopion Monirakennus to KUMONI, a name already familiar to and embraced by our partners. At the same time, we extended our operations beyond our home region by establishing the KUMONI Oy Sisä-Suomi subsidiary in Jyväskylä. Also, our long-standing project manager from Kuopio, Kai Seppänen, became managing director of the new subsidiary.

We have always believed in customer orientation, service and an uncompromising attitude. They have helped us grow to become an industry pioneer and a leading specialist.

We build and renovate from person to person. We use the operating models of the future today to exceed your expectations with regard to both quality and service.

As pipe renovation and turnkey constructions specialists, we are prepared to make your life easier by offering all-inclusive solutions.

Get in touch and we'll take care of your renovation needs so that you don't have to.


The most important phase of a successful project is visiting residents before work begins. It is the only way to truly understand each of our customers.

ISMO | Senior supervisor – KUMONI


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