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A pipe renovation is a procedure that increases both the residential comfort and value of a property. Sometimes people dread pipe renovations and find them very stressful.

We lessen the burden on you by carrying out your pipe renovation in an effortless, carefree, cost-effective and successful manner. We do that by offering a service no-one else can.

As leaders in our field, we carry out pipe renovations using the best possible methods. We also carry out drain casting using a tested and safe renovation method.

We always draw up a clear and airtight cost assessment and engage in active communication with residents, providing a customer-oriented service.

We do all we can to make your job easier by keeping both you and the housing company's residents up-to-date and satisfied with the end result. We won't settle for any less.


Our proactive communication and punctuality made the pipe renovation a stress-free experience. And to top it all off, the work was completed a month ahead of schedule. 


References For property managers

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